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Online Boat Lift Reviews - Choosing the Right One

Standing boat lifts are used if your boat is mainly on a water body with a firm bottom, gentle grade and low water fluctuations. Standing boat lifts are usually Cantilever style or Vertical Style. For larger boats a hydraulic boat lift is used. Before purchasing a standing boat lift, make sure to check the lake bottom as it is necessary for the standing frame legs to securely rest on it.

Floating boat lifts are a good choice if you already have a floating dock and if you have a few feet of fluctuation in the water level or if your shoreline is quite deep. Floating boat lifts should be attached to a secure dock and have a depth of four feet or more to allow the boat to enter the lift without hitting the submerged tanks.

Mounted boat lifts are great if you leave your boat in shallow areas where there is not a lot of water level fluctuation. A motorized winch or hand crank is used to lift the boat from the water and up the rollers.

Tips for Making Boat Lift Purchases Online

Follow these tips before you make an online purchase:

-Check the website for a business name, a physical address and a contact phone number. If the company is hard to contact, why do business with them, there will only be problems down the road.

-Never go under a weight limit that is recommended by the manufacturer of the lift. Failure may or will occur .

-Purchase from a company online that is reputable.

-Don't buy from someone that has a terrible website.

-Usually a used lift can work just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Use your Visa or Mastercard for purchases. It'll be easier to dispute if the company turns out to be fraudulent, doesn't ship your item, or has no information on your order.


Boat Lift Reviews
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